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Corporate Banking

Corporate banking services help corporations with their financial management. Large corporations need a specialized selection of business banking services in order to help them function day to day. They need simple and more complicated services. Some corporations deal with complex international markets and need the support of a sound financial institution that offers proper services. Banks that cater to corporations aim to gain a thorough understanding of their clients and tailor their products to suit the competitive nature of the corporate world.

Corporate banking services include credit lines, bridge financing, term loans, structured financing, letters of credit, working capital facilities like revolvers, mezzanine financing, money market services, investment financing, equity capital raising, as well as project, property and asset financing. Add-on products also include comprehensive cash management, as well as cash sweeping and pooling, and online banking. The duties of these banks can be rather detailed, as they may help decrease taxes paid by subsidiaries in different countries, design financial packages for new offices, or construct a finance package for organizations that deal with overseas trade and want to ensure payment from customers in different parts of the world. These days, corporate banking services also involve securitization, through which a company sells bonds according to the funds it will earn in the future from assets.