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Education is closely tied to career enhancement and financial success. You can get closer to making more money, achieving financial stability, and retiring early if you have more than a high school diploma. According to studies, people with post-secondary education are more likely to make more money than people who stop their educational journey at high school. A high school diploma is usually a must-have when it comes to career, but a college degree increases the chance of being hired by around 50 percent. Some college work or a two-year degree can even help you find a job.

People with degrees are more marketable when it comes to searching for a job. More and more jobs today require specialized training or a two- or four-year college degree. With more education come more career opportunities and choices. According to researchers, by the year 2014, 90 percent of the fastest growing careers will require some level of postsecondary education.

Besides having more variety and success while searching for jobs, individuals with degrees usually receive better benefits, including medical insurance and retirement plans. Lower-skill jobs do not necessarily provide these.

Remember that education really makes a difference when it comes to career advancement. Even if you have a stable job, you might want to look into getting another degree or taking a few courses and getting certification in a certain arena. This can help you get a promotion or a raise. You cannot go wrong with gaining more knowledge.